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Looking for a trusted email and webhosting provider NOW? Look no further than Pacifier online, in business since 1987. The names you know, look for our history page coming soon.

As you may have heard we have recently acquired a portion of the business from Atmosera. This includes the email accounts and web site hosting customers of Infinity Internet and Easystreet.

Please note: This site and associated pages are very much still a work in process. We will be updating it as time permits. Our big focus currently is system stability followed by deployment of a new billing system and customer payment portal. Please be patient with us as we work on these items. Don't worry we will not be disabling service for non-payment.

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 Employment Opportunities

We are currently looking for a member of our support team. This will be a remote position. Interested, send your resume to support @

An Equal Opportunity Employer.

 Pacifier and Infinity acquired from Atmosera

The original founder of Pacifier Doug Palin has acquired the legacy services customers from Atmosera. 

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"Is it true? We are so glad to have you back!"
"Thanks for taking the reins back, so excited to hear this."

*I’ve been rescued by Pacifier technical helpers again and again since about 1998.  I’m 90 and I’ll say it again: 

Every time I’ve been helped the experience has made me wish that every other technical support service would be as good.  You’re the greatest.  

Thank you again,  David